Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Back In The States

Forgive my lengthy absence.  It was due to a move from Northern Ireland back to the States.  Though depressing, I knew the day would come when I'd have to pack up the contents of a rather small flat in Belfast and move to a rather small apartment somewhere else.

Harrisburg, PA.

That's where my current small apartment is.  It's not as small (actually, it's a rather good size) and it even has a tillable backyard.  As soon as we feel thoroughly unpacked and ready, my wife and I will make our way to the backyard and start digging and planting.  But for now we shall worry about making this place livable.

Due to the hectic nature of moving and settling in, I am going to present a slightly less incredible location (read: not some amazing city in some far off country).  I don't want to jump right back in to this with some of my better material...I'll save the good stuff for when my mental faculties are ready and willing.

So yes, that being said, I give you Havre De Grace, Maryland and Susquehanna State Park (a state park about 6 miles from the town)...

This is the lighthouse in Havre De Grace.  It is one of the few things the town is known for.  

One of the many docks/piers that line the coast.  The evening lighting and clouds were being awfully generous.

The two above this photo are the only ones shot in Havre De Grace.  This one is taken in Susquehanna State Park.  It is tilt shifted from the banks of the Susquehanna River.

Also tilt shifted from the banks of the Susquehanna River.  I realized while going through these pictures that a 2 to 5 ratio works wonderfully on many of the photographs I took.  This was the one that helped me realize it.  The beautiful evening lighting sure doesn't hurt either.

And the last one tilt shifted from the banks of the Susquehanna River.  Again, beautiful evening lighting.   It definitely adds to the romantic feel of the shot.  How sweet...they are untangling each other's fishing lines.

Another 2 to 5 ratio crop.  I followed this great blue heron for awhile.  He rewarded my tracking efforts with a great display of his wingspan as he glided over the river.

  ...And then he landed and started fishing.  It didn't take him long to pluck this fish from the water.

...and then, after his meal, he stood there.  All majestic-like.

One of the trails that we hiked in Susquehanna State Park has follows old abandoned train tracks.   

At the mid-point of that railroad trail you will find Rock Run Grist Mill.  It's still in working condition and is open to the public.  Inside you will find...

...The necessary machinery to grind whatever you want.

The third floor was dark enough to allow me to mess around with some long-exposure shots.  Here is what I call "Ghosts In The Attic."

And that, my friends, is Havre De Grace, MD, and Susquehanna State Park... tilt-shifted.

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