Friday, 4 May 2012

Bardonecchia, Italy And The Surrounding Alps

Bardonecchia is an Italian town surrounded by the Alps.  If it wasn't for the 2006 Winter Olympics, it's unlikely that many people outside of the snowboarding and skiing community would know that this beautiful place exists.  If it wasn't for the fantastic mountains surrounding the town, I can't imagine that the Olympics would have been held there in 2006.

A recent trip to the town and a hike up the mountains yielded a few good pictures.  The trip gave me a great opportunity to tilt-shift another part of the world. 

This is Bardonecchia, a cute little town at the base of a mountain...Tilt-Shifted

a closer version of the town

a couple tilt-shifted shots of the surrounding Alps
...the last photo reminds me of a backdrop for The Sound Of Music

a hike straight up one of the mountains resulted in this shot

another shot of the mountains...this one isn't tilt-shifted

another photograph that wasn't taken with my homemade tilt-shift lens.  That particular lens doesn't lend itself well to panoramas.  

...and the last photograph - a tilt-shifted shot of the Alps from a plane

And that, my friends, is Bardonecchia, Italy and the surrounding Alps.  I know there wasn't a lot of variety in the photography of this post, but fear not, the next post should more than make up for it.

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